JIPMAT is an entrance exam that is conducted for the admission of the IPM course. This entrance exam is accepted by IIM Jammu, IIM Bodhgaya, and IIM Ranchi. When it comes to the details of the IPM course, then IPM or Integrated Programme of Management is a combined course of BBA and MBA. It is offered by many institutes of IIM members.

However, only 3 institutes consider the JIPMAT entrance exam for admissions to IPM courses. The competition level in this exam is high and it is difficult to crack. It is expected that the level of examination is going to same in JIPMAT 2022 as well. However, the JIPMAT dates will be released by NTA soon on the official website. Therefore, an aspiring candidate needs to have a good preparation for each section of this exam.

With this article, we have mentioned the strategy which a candidate should follow for preparing for the verbal ability section of this exam.


About JIPMAT Verbal ability section

Verbal ability is a section which deals with the English language. This section can be easy for the candidates who already have a good command of the English Language. Further details of this section are as follows:

JIPMAT sectionVerbal Ability & Reading Comprehension
Total Number of Questions Asked34
Marks for the correct answer+4
Marks for the wrong answer-1
Total Contribution136
Syllabus (Important Topics)Grammar, Para Jumbles, Reading Comprehension, Proper usage of words, Fill in the Blanks, Paragraph Completion, and Vocabulary

Tips for Preparing for the Verbal Ability section

Verbal Ability is the section that can be easy for any candidate, but on the other hand, it can be the most difficult section for other candidates. This section requires a good preparation strategy and continuous revision is also necessary. To prepare this section, here are the tips that one should follow while making any plan for the same.

1.     Clear the Fundamentals

In the NTA JIPMAT exam, when you are preparing for the verbal ability section, then it is very important to have a good foundation. Here, foundation means to have a good understanding of the topic. Every candidate here should know what the topic is about.

For instance, if you have chosen the error spotting topic, then the first step here is to clear the tenses. In most of the questions, a student will find a tense or grammatical error. Therefore, make sure to clear the basics before heading towards any topic. 

2.     Understand the key strategies

The next step after the fundamentals point is to have an understanding of key strategies. Here, this tip means that, “how to approach a question?”. Yes, some strategies help a student to have a better understanding of a question.

For instance, if you are preparing for the Para Jumble topic, then you should know how to approach the question.


3.     Make sure to apply those strategies

Many students follow both the above step but lack this tip. When you know how to approach a question, then it becomes important to apply that at the right time. Many students know these strategies but fail to implement them while attempting the question.

For this tip, you can use books that are a question bank for verbal ability. Practicing this kind of question bank will help any candidate to understand the strategy and how to apply the same while attempting the question. Books are the best way to implement this tip.

4.     Have a track of errors

Now, when you have started to prepare the questions from a book, then you must experience that you must answer wrong many times. The next step is to have a track of errors. Keeping the track of errors is important for any candidate. It is so because candidates can commit errors repetitively.

To avoid such situations, it is important to know where you are committing repetitive errors and how you can rectify these errors. Therefore, this will help any candidate to avoid silly mistakes at the main examination.

5.     Manage stress and time

Managing stress and time is an important tip when you are preparing for this section. English is a language that can be difficult for any candidate. Therefore, in case you are facing fewer marks at mocks or repetitive errors, so don’t panic. Things can be better with more practice.

The other that is important here is to manage time. Managing time is necessary as it is not the only section of the JIPMAT exam. A candidate needs to devote equal time to every section. Even you have to manage time while attempting the questions of verbal ability.

6.     Attempt mocks

The last, but not least tip in the JIPMAT by NTA preparation is to attempt mocks at regular intervals. To improve the verbal ability of this exam, a candidate needs to attempt mocks. Mocks will help the candidate to get used to the difficulty level and time management of this examination.



JIPMAT 2022 exam is important for any candidate who is seeking a career in the management field. Therefore, it is important to have a good preparation for each section. With this article, we have mentioned the tips and strategies for preparing for the verbal ability section of this exam. Therefore, a candidate needs to follow these tips to crack this exam on the first attempt.

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