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The following quiz will have 5-10 MCQs. The questions are framed to test your Verbal Ability skills.

Nouns are naming words. Usually, a candidate gets a sentence where he/ she has to fill in the appropriate noun or find out the given type of noun from a sentence. Noun questions for competitive exams are one of the most important parts of the verbal ability section of English for Entrance Exams. Nouns are naming words. They name something or somebody.

This quiz is intended to provide you a quick and thorough revision of the concept of Nouns. If you score less, please do not lose calm. Read the answers and the explanations provided to remember better. If you would like to ask anything or give us any feedback, leave a comment below and we will respond.

Before attempting the quiz, make sure to check out the concept article by clicking here.

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1. Find out the proper noun in the following sentence:Riya took the dog to the park.
2. Find the common noun in the following sentence:The girl arrived in the state last week.
3. Find out the collective noun from the following sentence:He was part of the film crew.
4. Find out the concrete noun in the following sentence:The beauty of the mountain is unparalleled.
5. Find out the abstract noun in the following sentence:The theatre was engulfed in darkness.
6. Which among the following is a countable noun?
7. Which among the following is an uncountable noun?
8. Find the common noun in the following sentence:Amitabh Bachan is a great actor.
9. Find the proper noun in the following sentence:I named my cat Lucy.
10. Find the abstract noun from the following sentence:You should show respect to your teachers.

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