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Welcome to Verbal Ability Practice Quiz | Parallelism & Sentence Correction

The following quiz will have 5-10 MCQs. The questions are framed to test your verbal Ability Skills.

Parallelism sentence correction is one of the most important parts of verbal ability questions of the section English for Entrance Exams. Parallelism is the balance between two or more similar words, phrases, or clauses. It is also called parallel construction or parallel structure. It gives clarity to a sentence.

This quiz is intended to provide you a quick and thorough revision of the Parallelism Sentence Correction. If you score less, please do not lose calm. Read the answers and the explanations provided to remember better. If you would like to ask anything or give us any feedback, leave a comment below and we will respond.

Before you attempt the quiz, make sure that you read up on the concept of Parallelism by clicking here.

Hope you enjoy this quiz. If you like it, then please share it. Thank you.

1. Mia likes playing Ludo, carroms, and play chess.
2. Furniture items like desks or a chair can be made out of wood.
3. Peter likes painting, sketching, and to draw cartoons.
4. Kajal perfectly and with confidence presented the paper.
5. Amal has _________.
6. Public transport such as ___________
7. Karishma likes ______________.
8. For lunch I would like _________________.
9. I like to ______.
10. Riya has _________.

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