The UGAT entrance exam is conducted by the AIMA (All India Management Association) for selecting potential students for BBA, BHM, B.Com, IMBA, and BCA programs in colleges in several states like Goa, Karnataka, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, etc. Candidates can opt for 5 colleges of their preference. 

Ugat Exam Info

Eligibility criteria for AIMA UGAT

  • Candidates who have 10th grade and 12th-grade qualifications with minimum 50% marks from a recognized board can apply for the course.
  • There’s no specific age limit to apply for UGAT. AIMA UGAT Exam Pattern
  • UGAT exam follows a different pattern for BHM and  BBA, BHM,B.Com, IMBA.
  • Both of the patterns have English Language, Numerical and Data Analysis, Reasoning and General Intelligence, and General Knowledge sections in common. 
  • For BHA, there are two extra sections to cover; Scientific Aptitude and Service Aptitude.

AIMA UGAT exam pattern 

SectionNo. of QuestionsTotal Marks
Scientific Aptitude (For BHM only)2525
Service Aptitude (For BHM only)2535
English Language4040
Numerical and Data Analysis3030
Reasoning and General Intelligence3030
General Knowledge3030

Candidates can choose to attend the exam as a Paper Based Test or Computer Based Test.

Ugat Exam Study Material
Marking Scheme
  • Each right answer will fetch one mark and -0.5 for each wrong one.
  • The total marks are out of 180 for the BHM Program and 130 for the others. 

Overall Preparation Strategy

1. Understand the Syllabus

Now that you know the pattern of the exam, the next important step while preparing for the UGAT exam is going through the syllabus to form an idea on the topics questions are asked from. This also helps you in creating a plan to begin learning by devoting more time to the sections you think you’re weak at.

2. Create a Timetable

The next step is to create a detailed timetable based on how much time you can spend on each topic. This step helps you to be organized and manage time. Make sure to distribute more time for the topics you’re not good at or need more practice on.

Must Reads Eazyprep 1 2 Ugat Preparation Strategy | Section-Wise Plan
3. Study and Keep Notes

Read the newspaper daily to improve your English as well as General Knowledge. Make sure to keep notes while you start preparing which will help you to remember better and would also come in handy while revising.

4. Practice Previous Years’ Question Papers

One of the most effective methods while preparing for an entrance exam is to practice a lot on the previous years’ question papers. This will enable you to evaluate your performance and understand where you need more practice. 

5. Do Mock Tests

Doing lots of mock tests can prepare you for the exam in the best way possible. You get to understand the exam much better and evaluate and improve your time management as well.

6. Revise

Make use of your notes here. Do not start on any new subjects a few days before the exam. 

Section-wise Preparation Strategy for UGAT 

1. General English

  • This section analyzes the candidate’s command over the English Language. Questions are mainly related to vocabulary and grammar.
  • You need to focus on improving your grammar knowledge and vocabulary as much as possible to do well in this section.
  • Make it a habit to read daily to achieve ample knowledge in English.
  • Be extra careful about the colloquial errors you might make.
Sporting ErrorDirect and Indirect SpeechNouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Proverbs
Idioms and PhrasesSubstitutionPunctuation
ArticlesVerbs and ProverbsSentence Formation
Active and Passive VoiceSpelling TestPara Jumbles

2. Numerical and Data Analysis

  • This section evaluates your Mathematical skills. 
  • There are 30 questions from this section that can come from a mix of topics.
  • Work on certain strategies to resolve this section quickly. Learning these shortcuts are necessary to score more in this section.
ProbabilityRatio and ProportionTime Distance and Speed
Permutation and CombinationLinear Equations and Quadratic EquationsSimplification and Approximation
MatricesMensurationData Interpretation
Time and WorkIndices and SurdsPipes and Cistern
Profit and LossNumbers and SeriesBoats and Streams

3. Reasoning and General Intelligence

  • This section incorporates questions that test your reasoning ability and logical intelligence.
  • It consists of questions like the odd man out, data sufficiency, analogies, etc.
  • Practicing is the key to scoring good marks in this section. Focus on that rather than theory.
Data SufficiencyInequalityBlood Relations
Puzzles and RiddlesAnalytical and Logical ReasoningDirection Based Questions
CalendarsColumn GraphStatement Conclusion
Multi-dimensional ArrangementsCoding and DecodingPie Charts
Learn Logical Reasoning At Eazyprep 1 7 Ugat Preparation Strategy | Section-Wise Plan

4. General Knowledge

  • This section is curated to test your general knowledge 
  • Read the newspaper daily to keep track of what’s happening around the world which is the only way to do well in this section. 
  • Make notes while preparing. Brush up your static GK as well. 
  • Questions can come from any dimension of current affairs.
Current AffairsAwardsIndian Economy
Politics, History, GeographyBusinessFamous Books and Authors
Social IssuesForeign RelationsSocial Development

5. Service Aptitude (For BHM only)

  • This section is only for the candidates applying for the BHM program.
  • Service Aptitude is crucial in any hotel management exam. 
  • This section calculates the potential of the candidates to handle certain situations.
  • The situational questions test the decision-making ability as well.

6. Scientific Aptitude (For BHM only)

  • This section is also only specific to the BHM Program.
  • It analyzes the scientific knowledge and approach of the candidates.

Best Reference Books for AIMA UGAT

The following books will help you prepare for your UGAT exam in the best way possible:

The Pearson Guide To Quantitative Aptitude For Competitive Examination Dinesh Khattar
How to Prepare for Quantitative Aptitude for CATArun Sharma
Verbal and Non-Verbal ReasoningR S Aggarwal
General English Arihant Publication

All this information will surely help you in preparing for the UGAT entrance examination. Stick to these strategies and boost your overall performance in the exam. Good luck!

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