AILET syllabus 2021 is designed in a way that tests a candidate’s critical thinking and analytical skills, All India Law Entrance Test (AILET) is held every year by the National Law University (NLUD) each year around May. The entrance exam (AILET) grants students admission into courses such as BA.LLB, LLM, and Ph.D. The entrance exam is a gateway that provides one the opportunity to study in one of the most prestigious law universities in India. To ace AILET 2021 one must form a preparation strategy before jumping right into preparations. This article encloses the best beginner tips and strategies to make your preparation stage a success.

AILET 2021: Know your pattern

The first step of your strategy should include getting familiar with the exam pattern. Being familiar with the exam pattern will help you form an idea of what should be your primary and secondary focal points.

  • Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes (90 minutes)
  • Maximum marks: 150
  • Correct answer: +1
  • Incorrect answer: – 0.25

AILET tests the candidates broadly on these five topics:

  • English: 35 marks
  • Elementary Mathematics: 10 marks
  • Reasoning: 35 marks
  • Legal Aptitude: 35 marks
  • General Knowledge: 35 marks

AILET syllabus: Know your subjects

The next step of your preparation strategy should be to get familiar with the subjects that are to be asked in the test. Once you are aware of the subjects, you should then devise a schedule dwelling into them in detail. AILET syllabus is divided into five broad topics.

  • This section of the exam tests a candidate’s level of proficiency in the English language. The questions in this section are regarding comprehension, grammar, syntax, etc. This section has 35 questions of 1 mark each.
  • To ace this section, one should focus on being thorough with the rules of grammar and punctuation.
  • Work on improving your vocabulary by learning some new words each day and by developing a reading habit by reading books, articles, reports, etc.
  • Improve your comprehension by reading different passages of varying difficulty levels and solve some every day.
Ailet Syllabus
Elementary Mathematics
  • This section of AILET includes 10 questions of 1 mark each. Comparatively, this section has less weightage than others, but it shouldn’t be undermined.
  • To prepare for this section start with the basics. Study your 10th standard NCERT textbooks. Refresh your knowledge of the topics you already know.
  • Note down and learn important formulas and practice their application every day.
  • Practice solving equations and make use of previous year question papers to decode the pattern and types of questions often asked in this section.
Maths For Du Jat Exam Preparation Maths
  • This section contains 35 questions of 1 mark each. This section of AILET tests a candidate’s ability to form a judgment by analyzing and decoding the patterns given to them.
  • You should dedicate at least an hour every day to prepare for this section. Make use of the previous year’s question papers and try to solve the questions given under this section.
  • Improve your speed and mental agility by practicing games like sudoku, brainteasers, or online logical reasoning tests.
Du Jat Exam Reasoning
 General Knowledge and Current Affairs
  • This section has 35 questions of 1 mark each. To be well prepared for this section focus on keeping yourself up to date with the news cycle. Read newspaper daily, focus on economic and political sectors.
  • Be aware of national and international events taking place, download an app that keeps track and gives you tidbits about important news articles.
  • Use reliable sources to cover topics under this section. Maintain a notebook where you can note down important general knowledge facts, at least 15-20 each day.
Du Jat Exam Preparation Ga
Legal Aptitude
  • This section consists of 35 questions of 1 mark each. The section tests the aptitude of a candidate with regards to general awareness about legal issues and knowledge about landmark cases and their judgments.
  • To prepare for this section you should focus majorly on the questions regarding the Constitution of India and Legal General knowledge.
  • Keep yourself up to date with the recent and prominent case judgments as well as legal issues that impact that legal trends of India
  • Learn your constitutional articles and important legal definitions thoroughly. Practice previous year’s question papers.
Things to Remember
  • Form a timetable that would help you in covering the syllabus on time.
  • Find out and work on both your weak and strong points in terms of the syllabus.
  • Make use of reference books and previous year question papers and practice every day to keep yourself from going rusty.
  • Learn to manage time and improve your comprehension and solving speed. Form your own tricks and shortcuts that will help you solve the questions quicker.
  • Make use of and form your own memorizing tips like mnemonics and revise your topics at least once.
  • You could also join coaching classes or crash courses that will guide you in getting through the syllabus.
  • Make sure that during this stressful time when one can be prone to anxiety that you take out some time for relaxation. Don’t forget to indulge yourself in activities that you like and find relaxing.

AILET 2021 will see thousands of applicants trying to get into the National Law University Delhi. During this time strategic and early preparation of the AILET syllabus will come in handy.

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