IPMAT 2020 was held on September 7, 2020. Students aspiring to have a career in the management field take the IPMAT entrance exam which is conducted by IIM Indore. Along with the delay in the exam due to COVID-19, this year’s exam paper pattern witnessed a lot of changes. 

IPMAT exam enables students to study IPM or Integrated Programme in Management is a 5-year course that enables students to do their undergraduate degree in the first 3 years and masters in the last 2 years at IIM Indore.

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Marking Scheme IPMAT 2020

IPMAT syllabus contains 3 sections, namely Quantitative Ability (Short Answer), Quantitative Ability (MCQ), and Verbal Ability (MCQ).

Each question carries 4 marks and -1 for every wrong answer. Short answer questions do not have negative marking. Do not mark answers you’re not sure of.

IPMAT 2020 Exam Analysis: Broad highlights

  • The IPMAT 2020 exam was computer-based. It was conducted in the afternoon session on 7th September.
  • COVID restrictions were followed and proper social distancing and sanitization were maintained. Wearing masks was compulsory to attend the exam.
  • The admit card was scanned using a barcode reader at the entrance.
  • IPMAT 2020 underwent a lot of changes compared to the IPMAT previous year papers.
  • The overall number of questions was reduced from 100 to 60. Therefore, the maximum marks of the exam were 240 and not 400.
  • The total time allotted to each section was also, thereby, reduced from 120 minutes to 90 minutes. Each section was allowed 30 minutes.
  • Students were satisfied with the exam difficulty level and found the verbal ability section comparatively easier than the rest.
  • The difficulty level of the exam was moderate.
  • The selection process after the entrance exam usually involves Written Ability Test (WAT) and Personal Interview (PI). Due to the present circumstances, it was changed to a video-based assessment where the candidate has to record a video answering a set of questions.

For more information on the IPMAT 2021 syllabus, click here.

Ipmat 2020 Preparation

IPMAT 2020 Exam Analysis: Sectional Analysis

IIM Indore IPMAT 2020 followed an entirely different pattern:

SectionNo. of QuestionTime Allotted
Quantitative Ability (SA)1030 minutes
Quantitative Ability (MCQ)2030 minutes
Verbal Ability (MCQ)3030 minutes
Total6090 minutes
Ipmat Exam
1. Quantitative Ability (SA)

Questions in this section were from a wide range of topics including from logarithm, probability, coordinate geometry, etc. Problems based on circular races and determinants were comparatively easier than the rest of the questions.

This section has been moderately difficult.

 The section breakdown is given below:

TopicNo. of Questions
Geometry (Circles)1
Permutation and Combination1
Time, Speed, and Distance1

PRO TIP: Brushing up your basic and higher mathematics topics from 9th grade to 12th grade would help you do well in this section.

Ipmat 2020 Preparation
2. Quantitative Ability (MCQ)

Questions came from a mix of topics in this section. The majority of questions came related to data interpretation and probability. The difficulty level of this section was moderate-difficult. 

Here’s the detailed breakdown of this section:

TopicNo. of Questions
Data Interpretation5
Matrices and Determinant2
Number System1
Sequence and Series1

 PRO TIP: Learn the shortcuts and formula to answer different types of questions quickly to finish this section successfully.

3. Verbal Ability (MCQ)

There were 30 questions in this section and the difficulty level is easy to moderate.

Questions from Reading Comprehension, Grammar, and Vocabulary dominated this section. Students could easily answer 80% of the questions right,

Following is the detailed breakdown of this section:

TopicsNo. of Questions
Reading Comprehension6
Fill in the blanks (Appropriate words)6
Fill in the blanks (Logical Word Usage)3
Para Jumbles (Type in the answer)3
Incorrect usage of words5
Paragraph completion2
Fill in the blanks(3 words)5

PRO TIP: Reading daily can help you improve your grammar and vocabulary a lot.

Ipmat 2020 Preparation

Overall, IPMAT 2020’s difficulty level can be rated as moderate. Students were overall satisfied with the paper except for a few of the tricky questions in the mathematics section. This analysis can guide you with your IPMAT 2021 preparation by giving you an idea of which part you should focus more on. You can also read IPMAT 2019 analysis on Eazyprep.

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