Let’s start IPM Indore WAT strategy by getting to know a little about IPM Indore. Integrated Program in Management (IPM) is a course offered by IIM Indore for students to pursue their graduation in Management after 12th-grade. IPM Indore gives students the chance to acquire BBA and MBA together in this 5-year long course. In the first 3 years, students will be building their foundation and pursuing BBA after which they will proceed to the MBA curriculum. 

IIM Indore Entrance Exam Pattern

The candidates are required to clear the IPMAT Exam first which is 50% of their selection assessment. IPMAT Exam consists of 2 sections; Quantitative Ability, and Verbal Ability, out of which QA is divided further into MCQs and short answers. The IIM Indore IPM admission process also includes a Writing Ability Test (WAT) at the end where students have to write two 250 word essays. 

SectionsNo. of questions Time
Quantitative Ability (MCQ)2030 min
Quantitative Ability (SA)1030 min
Verbal Ability3030 min
Ipmat Exam Qa

IIM Indore Admission Criteria

IIM Indore selection criteria are based on the following:

IPMAT Entrance Exam50%
Writing Ability Test (WAT)15%
Personal Interview (PI)35%
Iim Indore Ipm Interview Preparation

IPM Indore WAT Format

IPM Indore WAT is an important part of the evaluation. This test evaluates the candidates’ writing ability. Entrants are given two topics to write on after the IPMAT Exam. The Word limit of each essay is 250 words. Topics can be fact-based or abstract. 30 minutes are given to complete this section. 

Your essay must have a proper flow and preciseness. You should follow the following pattern while attempting the IPM Indore WAT section for maximum marks: 

  • Introduction: Your first paragraph must be always the introduction of the topic. Brief about the topic and be clear about the topic and your stance in this paragraph. 
  • First Reason: In the following paragraph you should explain your reason for your stance. Just blindly stating a reason wouldn’t be convincing therefore make sure you reinforce it with a strong example. 
  • Second Reason: Single reason isn’t enough to make your essay perfect. You should state 2 valid reasons with examples for the stand you are taking. 
  • State your Counter-argument: Do not be too extreme while attempting the essay as it is important to state a counter-argument as well. This will give a proper balance to your essay.
  • Conclusion: The last paragraph is where you conclude your essay by highlighting all the key points you have explained throughout. 
Ipmat Exam

IPM Indore WAT Strategy

IPM Indore WAT (Writing Ability Test) of IIM Indore Entrance Exam analyses the candidates’ writing skills, ability to articulate the given matter, grammar, and vocabulary. The following strategies would help you do well in this section:

  • Current Affairs: Essay topics are mainly related to current affairs therefore candidates are advised to read English newspapers, at least the editorial section, on a daily basis or listen to the news online or on TV. Being well updated is necessary for the entrance exam as well as the WAT section.
Ipm Indore Wat Prep
  • 5-Para Rule: Make sure you follow the pattern given above to score maximum marks. Stating examples is very important to articulate your points well. Therefore stick to the pattern.
  • Time Constraint: You have only 30 minutes to write two essays. You should think and act quickly to ace this section. Keep the pattern you have to follow in your mind and plan how you’re gonna go ahead with the essay beforehand. Focus on putting maximum points in your essay in a short time given.
  • Watch your Grammar: The main thing to take care of while writing an essay is your grammar. Be extra careful about the colloquial mistakes you might make. Make sure you have time to go through the essays after you’re done to recheck the grammar.
Ipm Indore Wat Prep
  • Be Opinionated: You need to choose a stand while attempting the essay section. Be clear and precise about your opinion while you are writing. 
  • Logical Points: Do not write relentlessly just to reach the word limit. This wouldn’t get you any marks. The sentences must have logic and point to it. 

The only thing you have to worry about is the time constraint while completing the IPM Indore WAT. Practice with some general topics and improve your grammar. If you make use of these strategies you are bound to score good marks in this section. Click here to read about strategies for preparing for the Personal interview.

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