DU JAT is one of the most coveted entrance exams in India. To begin the DU JAT preparation, you need to work on mainly four different sections; Quantitative Ability, Business, and General Awareness, General English and Reasoning, and Analytical Ability. 

The total mark is 400. Each section is roughly of equal weightage, and each question carries 4 marks. To ace the DU JAT Entrance exam you would need to focus on all these 4 sections equally. There’s also a -1 mark for every wrong answer. Therefore, make sure you only mark the answers you’re sure about.

DU JAT Preparation Section-wise

For starting your DU JAT preparation, the first step is to read and understand the entrance exam syllabus and focus on the important topics of each section. 

1. Quantitative Ability Syllabus

In this section, your mathematical ability is being analyzed. For DU JAT preparation of this section, you should be thorough with your mathematics from 9th grade to 12th grade. And for higher mathematics, you should be versed with important formulae. This would help you do well in this part of the exam. Majority number of questions came from this section in the DU JAT 2020 Exam. Learn certain strategies that are used to solve the questions in this section fast to save time. 

Important Topics
Averages & PercentagesPipes & CisternsRoots, Indices, Surds,
Simple & Compound InterestGeometry- Lines, Angles, and TrianglesPermutations & Combinations
Mixtures & AlligationsTime, Speed & DistanceProfit & Loss
IntegrationDifferentiationCircles and Mensuration
Mathematical SeriesQuadrilateralsFractions and Decimals
StatisticsWork-Related ProblemsRatio and Proportion

To read upon more of the important topics covered in the exam, click here.

Learn Quantitative Aptitude At Eazyprep 1 5 Du Jat Preparation | Most Important Topics
2. Business And General Awareness Syllabus

Keeping up with the current affairs and going through static GK is the only way of DU JAT preparation to get maximum marks in this section. Read newspapers or track any News Channel on TV or online. 

For this section, you need to be well-aware of famous CEOs and other businessmen frequently mentioned in the news. You should also know of major unicorns and Fortune 500 companies.

Important Topics
Current AffairsStatic GKEntertainment
AwardsArt & MusicBrands and their Ambassadors
Logos and TaglinesBusinessEconomy
World HistoryIndian HistoryGeography
Political ScienceGeneral ScienceBooks and Authors

Don’t miss out on reading the difficulty level of the exam. Click here to read about it.

Du Jat Preparation
3. General English Syllabus

Your command over the English language is tested here with questions ranging from reading comprehension and vocabulary to grammar. Reading the newspaper daily is a DU JAT preparation method that can bring a drastic change in your English proficiency to score well in this section.

For this section, you need to be very aware of the colloquial mistakes we make while speaking English informally. In questions like sentence correction, this is the prime area which is tested. You also need to brush up your vocabulary.

Important Topics
Antonyms-SynonymsReading ComprehensionEtymology & Roots
Fill BlanksIdioms & PhrasesForeign Words
Noun & PronounSubject-Verb AgreementDeductive Reasoning
Logical ConsistencyAnalogiesGrammar and Usage
One word SubstitutionsWord PairingFinding Errors
Du Jat Preparation
4. Reasoning And Analytical Ability Syllabus

Reasoning and analytical ability are evaluated here. DU JAT preparation for this section is to practice regularly and learn strategies to solve questions related to the topics given below

Important Topics
Logical SeriesFamily Tree Time Sequence
DirectionsGroups & ConditionalityMissing Characters
Direction and distanceVerbal analogyDiagram
SyllogismsAnalogiesNumber Series
Du Jat Preparation

These are the most important topics that you need to work on for the entrance exam. Go through the analysis of the previous years’ exam to get further ideas on the part from which most questions are being asked.

Time management is an important factor in any entrance exam. If you’re thorough with the GK section, you can save a lot of time to devote to other sections that need much more thinking. Focus on learning different shortcuts for the quantitative section. Remember you have to answer 100 questions in 2 hours.

There are several mock tests for DU JAT available online to practice and develop an idea on the types of questions that would come for the exam in each section. This also allows you to work on the areas you’re weak at. Make sure to do as many as mock tests possible. 

Many preparation books are also available that would get you ample training as well as previous years’ question papers to practice on.

Explore the strategy used by previous year toppers by clicking here.

Best DU JAT Preparation Books

Given below are some of the best DU JAT preparation books that would get you ready to face the entrance exam: 

Name of the BookAuthor
DU JAT 2020Arihant
University of Delhi JATR. Gupta’s
Mathematics Textbook Class 9, 10, 11, 12NCERT 
Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive ExaminationsR.S. Aggarwal
General English Arihant Publications
Easy to Learn General English Complete BookYashpal Sharma
Reasoning Book for Competitive ExaminationsPearson
Year Books (For GK)Manorama
General Knowledge ManualPearson

DU JAT offers some of the best courses in top colleges under Delhi University. Every year thousands of students appear for the exam.  It is important to do your DU JAT preparation the best way possible to ensure your place in the college of your dreams. We hope this information helps you to perform well in the exam. Time to start your preparation now with these tips!

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