IPM Rohtak and IPM Indore offer students the opportunity to pursue their college education at the Indian Institute of Management after their 12th-grade. Integrated Program in Management (IPM) course is specially designed to produce competent leaders of tomorrow’s corporate world. Aspiring candidates must clear the IPMAT exam which is the most important part of admission.

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IIM Rohtak IPM despite being a recently established course has the number of applicants increasing every year. IPM Rohtak is a 5-year long course. The first 3 years of the course focuses on laying the foundation for the students. The last 2 years follow the PGP course curriculum and focus on the advanced topics of business and management.

Candidates belonging to the general/NC-OBC category must have a minimum of 60% marks in the 10th and 12th grade to be eligible to apply for the course. SC/ST/PwD category candidates should have a minimum of 55% marks in their 10th and 12th grades. The maximum age limit allowed is 20 years to apply for the course to apply for IPMAT Rohtak and IPMAT Indore.

Comparative Analysis of IPM Rohtak and IPM Indore

IIM Rohtak as well as IIM Indore offers the Integrated Program in Management course (IPM). It can be confusing for the aspirants to differentiate between them and make the right choice that’s best for you.

These are the differences between IPM Rohtak and IPM Indore courses:

1. Admission Criteria

IIM Rohtak and IIM Indore follow slightly different selection criteria. IIM Rohtak selects students based on IPMAT Rohtak, WAT, and past academics. On the other hand, IIM Indore does not consider past academics.

2. Recently Established

IPM Rohtak was started after the government saw the success of IPM Indore. The IPM Indore course was launched in 2011, while IPM Rohtak was only introduced in the year 2019. Therefore, the demand for IIM Indore is much higher. Although the number of applicants for IIM Rohtak is increasing every year.

3. Competition

IPM Indore has much more competition compared to IPM Rohtak because five batches have already passed out and IPM Rohtak is much new and has yet to have their first batch graduated.

Ipm Rohtak Preparation
4. Course Curriculum

IIM Rohtak offers dual degrees i.e BBA and MBA whereas, in IIM Indore, it is BA and MBA. This is one of the major differences between IPM Indore and IPM Rohtak.

5. Academic Fee

The fee structure at IIM Rohtak is comparatively much lower than IIM Indore. For the first 3 years at IIM Rohtak, students have to pay Rs. 4,51,000/ per annum whereas it is Rs. 4,00,000/- at IIM Indore. The fee for the last 2 years is different for both institutes. IPM IIM Rotaract fee would be Rs. 7,60,000/- per annum and it is Rs. 8,95,711 at IIM Indore each year.

6. Facilities

IIMs are known for their facilities and infrastructure. IIM Indore provides academic infrastructure like  Computer Lab, Finance LabSyndicate Rooms, Lecture Theatres. Residential and transport facilities are also provided for the students. They provide a state-of-the-art knowledge resources center for maximum learning. IT facilities are also commendable with high-speed internet. Medical Centre with Ambulance Facility, Post Office, Community Centre is also included.

IIM Rohtak provides great campus facilities as well. This includes air-conditioned classrooms for the students. An advanced library to enhance the learning process. There is an auditorium, cafeteria, convenience stores, hospital, and medical facilities, incubator, labs, and hostel facilities. IIM Rohtak is also a wi-fi campus.

7. Clubs and Extra-curricular

Both the institutes make sure to focus on the extracurricular along with academics. IIM Indore offers indoor and outdoor sports facilities like a Yoga room, steam bath area, banquet hall, volleyball, and other games courts, swimming pools, sauna, gym, and so on. Activity Club, Entrepreneurship cell, Social Club, and special interest clubs for dance, photography, music, literature, etc are also established. 

IIM Rohtak on the other hand also gives a lot of importance to extracurricular activities. They have numerous modern sports and games courts and a gym. There are 12 committees and 10 clubs active on the campus for both academic and non-academic purposes. PR cell, Placement Committee, Entrepreneurship Cell, Cultural Committee, Auditing Committee, Interaction Cell, SportsCommittee, Students Council, etc.

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8. Alumni

There is a strong Alumni network at IIM Indore compared to IIM Rohtak because the first batch of the IPM program is yet to be graduated. 
IIM Rohtak as well IIM Indore are both remarkable institutes with top-notch facilities providing exceptional quality of education. Graduating from IPM Rohtak or IPM Indore would open a number of opportunities for you. This comparison would help you to make a decision on which institute would be best for you. Explore the detailed preparation methods for the exam by clicking here.

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